Experience and Influential Presence in the Mobile Ecosystem in the International Markets

Mobile Value-Added Services

Take firm steps in the mobile value-added services market in the Middle East and North Africa region, join us in this highly competitive and valuable business.

We are a distributor of mobile value-added services in North Africa and the Middle East, ready to provide services in more than ten countries and 30 mobile operators.


Earn in the international markets, convert foreign income into Iranian Rials, and transfer money to Iran.


Identify marketing channels, advertising ideas, campaign design, campaign implementation, optimization, etc.


Let us work on launching your services in the most lucrative target markets and commercializing it.


We localize software products in such a way that we get the best feedback from local markets.


We produce Android and iOS mobile applications plus web app services in various fields for global markets.

IT Services

We are busy with the export of IT services abroad, and the market is such trusty that we still need the help of other local players to be our partner. 

Active empowerment in the field of export of IT services

Let us build new values for you and the national economy from your expert human resources’ current potential and valuable potential.

Consulting in negotiations and agreements

If this is the first time you want to export your IT services and products to global markets, you need someone with legal experiences.

Market research in the field of IT services

The IT market abroad is full of valuable opportunities. Let’s work together to achieve common goals in these markets, given your capabilities.

Export Consulting Services

We are by your side in the complex processes of presence in international markets.

Providing Legal Services and Concluding Contracts

You do not need to reinvent the wheel for new legal, contract, banking, and tax issues. Our lesson learned, although not cheap for us, is available to you.

Capable and Caring in Foreign Negotiations

External negotiations require a thorough understanding of the target market and potential customers. If you need a professional partner in this field, we are by your side.

We Help You Prepare Professional Business Plans

Our experienced experts can assist you in developing your business plan. Our knowledge of international markets is a valuable resource that we want to share with you.

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