HILLAVAS is an ICT-Service company with a focus on innovative telecom mobile value-added services was founded in 2012 to provide high quality services and obtain a significant market share in VAS industry.

Over the course of 6 years, HILLAVAS has been a superior figure and market leader in different fields of activities including Digital Marketing, Innovative Services, CRM and Revenue Models to ensure highest possible subscribers’ satisfaction.

HILLAVAS team consists of more than 80 young talented people in 10 parts.

  • Management
  • Technical team
  • Product Managers
  • Marketing team
  • Business Analysis Team
  • Business Development team
  • Content Provision and Graphics team
  • Human Resource Dept.
  • Administration and Support
  • Finance and Accountancy

HILLA technical team comprises 25 web and app, front-end, backend and full stack developers where Mohammad Karimi is head of the team.

They have developed apps, web services, payment solutions and run campaigns of marketing according to requests from HILLA digital marketing team.

Digital marketing team is composed of skill, business experience, contacts of media and developers as SSP, as well as devotion and expertise. The team includes 5 people expert in field market, AdTech, customer segmentation, influencer marketing techniques and also in-depth knowledge in VAS market. They have always found new ways of ads and campaign design for service and product promotions.

They can grow a service income from 1,000 USD per day to 10,000 USD.

Our Business Development team has consistently scanned the market in search of new opportunities and trended services and through their market research programs learn customers’ current needs and wishes. According to methodologies and in-field researches the team suggests fittest products to market that go through a sky rocketing sales in short term.

The outcome of their studies and customer validation is presented to product managers to develop an already product-market fit solution/ service.

HILLA Product managers draw a road map of a service, design of apps and fix its UI and UX with graphic team accordingly, then ask our technical to team to develop the service. A product manager should define specific contents for new service, then our content team starts to provide content in compliance with aforementioned aspects and user-friendly to target customer segment.

Sticking to above methodology and processes, HILLAVAS has developed a variety of products/ services in field below:

  • Sports
  • Health
  • Entertainment
  • Edutainment and Infotainment
  • Religious Affairs
  • Matrimony Issues


HILLAVAS fields of activitiy:

HILLAVAS types of service include in both 2G and also 3G services such as:

  • Application services
  • SMS services
  • Voice services (IVR)
  • Mobile payment
  • Web services

Here are some top apps in Hilla:

Video Faal

a service about Hafez Horoscope with video, as You know Hafez horoscope is well known in Iran and other countries. We provide videos from Hafez tomb and Shiraz province and put Hafez poems in it. Costumers will get random videos.

Download link: http://bit.ly/videofaal


An amusement app in game category, you find a lot of category in app then choose one and start playing. You will find a lot of questions in it.

Download link: http://bit.ly/sinjimapp

Yoga App

A health-sport service, with all yoga activities. You can find all yoga trainings here together from basic to advance.

It’s easy to use.

Download link: http://bit.ly/apkyoga


NINI is a Persian word for infant/tad/baby. The service encompasses a variety of content in the context of pregnancy, childbirth and child support. This app includes superior features for parents and addresses their needs in a straight-forward way. You will read mothers' frequently asked questions during this period and you can ask your question from an expert and have/ share your response instantly.

Download link: http://bit.ly/niniapk

Alefbaa (alphabet)

An educational app for teaching alphabets to children. This app intends to teach Persian alphabet and learn how to draw the letters in form of animated characters of pumpkins to the target community.

Download link:



Video Kart

This service provides a platform to teach English language in context by practicing a vocabulary/ phrase into movie dialogues. Our content team has gathered a huge amount of best Hollywood movies’ episodes to teach essential English vocabularies, phrases, idioms and slang. In this service, not only will you learn English but also enjoy watching good movies as well as promoting your lexical knowledge in context.

Download link:


Parax is an entertainment service, to enhance one’s cognitive and intellectual capacity. Here, we have cooperated with head of Iran’s intellectual game forum to provide a pragmatic and efficient gamification service.

In this service, you can play intellectual games like Rubik cube and learn how to solve it.

This service is almost suitable for any age you are in.

Sexual health

An app with official permission from Iran Ministry of Health containing a lot of text and video content provided by specialist doctors. These contents are exclusively developed for and owned by HILLAVAS. So HILLAVAS has concession and the only right to publish this app.

You can find you the answers to your questions and can directly ask your question from a specialist doctor and tell him/her about your symptoms and have your specific response afterwards.

Other Services

HILLAVAS has also developed many other services and is still developing new services in sports, religious, game, health and lifestyle categories.


Our studio is a well-equipped studio located in Hilla office and is one of the best of its kind in Tehran. We have Chroma Key with a great artist team there to produce and edit any kind of media content product managers and content teams require.

HILLAVAS has a expert photographers, narrators, video editors and music synchronizers to edit videos and provide high quality contents.

HILLAVAS Studio team comprises 5 professionals in aforementioned fields. They can do the direction, screenplays, scenarios, poem, edit and record sounds with their high-tech equipment.